Thoughts and Emotions - a Multimedia Dual Art Exhibition

LIU Yan X Catherine, CHEONG Cheng Wa, Macau, Chine  2019

思緒——多媒體藝術雙人展 劉岩 X 蔣靜華  弘艺峰艺术中心 澳门 中国  2019



Liu Yan, a mainland Chinese artist live in Canada, and Cheong Cheng Wa, a Macao artisth. Coincidentally or not, in 2006 they both began studying at the same time in France. This time, the two are showing their multimedia works in Macao.
Liu and Cheong have experienced a lot of brainstorming in their pursuit of artistic creation. Especially when taking the art course at the National School of Fine Arts (École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts), they embarked on a brandnew journey, reviewing the arts concepts learned at their original homes expanding from purely aesthetic techniques to broader speculations and reflections on the theory of visual art. And, guided by the teachers and influenced by a more artistic atmosphere, they once again elevated themselves to a higher level of understanding on visual art and a higher level of personal artistic pursuit.
The works featured here use different media to express deeper personal thoughts and emotions, precisely demonstrating after going through a self-awareness course, how they boldly faced and expressed their inner voices, and how they sorted out the ideas/thoughts in the processes from chaos to clarity, from confusion to enlightenment, from obedience to resistance, etc.… In a mix of multimedia works such as video, printmaking, photography and installations, this exhibition focuses on exploring space concepts.